The Quantum of Solace Suit: Navy Pinstripe

Quantum of Solace started right where Casino Royale left off. Because of the change of costume designer (from Lindy Hemming to Louise Frogley) and a new suit maker (Tom Ford instead of Brioni), the sartorial transition was rather rough. The most obvious continuity error is the change from a three-piece suit to a two-piece, though it’s not just the same same suit sans waistcoat but a whole new suit altogether. The cloth is still a navy pinstripe but the stripes went from white to light blue. This Tom Ford suit is cut and detailed exactly the same as all the other suits in the movie, which means that the latter suit has a three-roll-two button stance instead of a full button three front, five buttons on the cuff instead of four, and the addition of a ticket pocket. The Tom Ford shoulders, whilst still structured, have a more natural look on Daniel Craig than the Brioni shoulders do.

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